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Project Description

I am currently working on converting this to a new GUI in preparation for the new

Terraria updates. You can track the process here

Version 7 is out. Enjoy!

TerrariViewer is a goon made character and inventory editor for Terraria.

Currently, TerrariViewer allows you to edit your players Name, HP, Mana, Hair, Character colors, Armor, Accessories, Inventory and Piggy Bank.


While these program may work with copies of Terraria that aren't legitimate, it is in no way designed to work with them.
Using a pirated copy of Terraria is the most likely cause of your issues with TerrariViewer or TerrariServerViewer.

Check out the pictures below!


While I don't feel I deserve donations, they would certainly help me out!

Follow on Twitter for additional previews, news, and update info!/tjchap2840

TerrariViewer Images:

Character Tab

Equipment Tab

Inventory Tab

Bank Tab

Buff Tab

To Do List:

  • Fix Documentation page
  • Fix Home Page
  • Add Female Sprite
  • Fix update button

TerrariViewer Changelog:

Version 6.3 Changelog

  • Fixed Update Button
  • Fixed Greater Health and Greater Mana Potion stacks
  • Fixed Prefix list duplicating itself
  • Fixed Accessory Prefix issues
  • Fixed issues with certain prefix settings crashing TerrariViewer
  • Fixed Phasesabers not showing up in items list
  • Fixed version number on Character tab
  • Added prefix group identifiers to prefix lists
  • Fixed stack sizes for stingers and goldfish
  • You can now have Buff times of 30 minutes
  • You can now have item stack sizes of 999

Version 6.2 Changelog

  • Added support for changing prefixes
  • Fixed issues with player files crashing TerrariViewer
  • Fixed issues with loading images crashing TerrariViewer
  • Fixed all item stack sizes [hopefully]
  • Fixed search functions on Inventory and Bank tabs
  • Fixed quick scroll issue on item List Views
  • Fixed items inheriting prefixes from the original item in that slot
  • Fixed spelling of Mythril Drill [again]
  • Changed Statue to Armor Statue
  • Fixed spelling of Gills Potion [again]
  • Fixed spelling of Mudstone Block
  • Fixed spelling of Imp Statue

Version 6.1 Changelog

  • Categorized 1.1 items on Equipment and Inventory/Bank Tabs
  • Removed "1.1 Item" category as it was no longer necessary
  • Fixed crash related to loading players with certain buffs
  • Added missing buffs
  • Fixed crash on saving a new character
  • Fixed spelling of Clown Shirt
  • Fixed spelling of Mythril Drill
  • Fixed Tools not appearing in item lists
  • Fixed items appearing twice in item lists
  • Fixed stack amounts for all 1.1 items
  • Fixed stack amount for Gel
  • Fixed bank amount box not having an event
  • Fixed key filter on item amount boxes
  • Removed "Cheating" for the time being

Version 6.0 Changelog

  • Redid the user interface
  • Added support for 1.1
  • Added the 1.1 items
  • Removed "Cheating" for the time being
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 5.1 Changelog

  • Added support for v1.0.6

Version 5.0 Changelog

  • Gave the TerrariViewer a complete GUI makeover
  • Major code refactorization
  • Removed images from listivews

Thanks To:

Benji (Helped fix missing image problem)

willgk (Helped fix DPI issue)

Zaa Boogie (Helped determine cause of DPI issue) & Smashman (Tester)



EverDraed (TerrariViewer icon)

Kharmakazy (TerrariServerView icon and testing)



Everybody from the Terraria thread!


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