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Yoyos and the Truffle Worm aren't able to be accessed. I also noticed Solar Flare armor and some others can't be accessed... I really wanted to battle Duke Fishron with my friends, but we didn't want to get the Truffle Worm ourselves so I said, "Sure! I'll just use TerrariViewer!" When I opened it, my character got ruined and glitched out giving me like 25,000 iron pickaxes and then when I got that sorted out and typed in "Truffle", no Truffle Worm popped up. So I tried "Worm" and it gave me some other things, but no Truffle Worm. Then I wanted to get the achievement "Sick Throw", so I tried to bring in the Terrarian, but that didn't work either! So I shuffled around a bit, and found that no yoyos could be accessed! This is really disappointing.